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High-Speed Hair Dryer are gradually replacing traditional hair dryer

There seems to be an ongoing debate over whether or not you should dry your hair with the hair dryer after washing it. Many people think that hair dryer will damage hair quality in using process, simply do not use a hair dryer waiting for natural drying.

But in fact, the hair damage in mainly caused by high temperature, not all hair dryer will seriously harm hair quality, the key is to look at the wind speed and temperature control effect of hair dryer. High-speed hair dryer is a revolutionary product to improve the shortcomings of traditional hair dryer.

Motor Rotational Speed and Wind Speed:

The higher the rotational speed, the higher the wind speed, and the faster the hair dries. And the speed of the ordinary hair dryer and high-speed hair dryer is very different.

The speed of high-speed hair dryer is generally 100,000 RPM, so what is the concept of 100,000 RPM? F1 racing engine speed is 15,000 RPM, jet fighter engine speed is 50,000 RPM, and to achieve such a high speed, the precision of processing has a great requirement.

The speed of ordinary hair dryer is 20000 RPM, the wind speed is 20m\s, the speed is not high, the longer the time is needed.

The speed of high-speed hair dryer in 100000 RPM, wind speed in 40m\s, in the speed is 5 times that of ordinary hair dryer, wind speed is 3 times, it can be imagined that the speed of hair drying is faster!

Brushless Motor Working