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The Very Best Lighted Makeup Mirror with Wireless Charger & Phone Holder

-Never walk outside with mismatched foundation again.


Whether you’re going for a natural daytime makeup look, applying fiddly false lashes, or attacking the tiniest stray hairs with your tweezers, a lighted makeup mirror will help make sure you step outside looking like the very best version of you. With so many options currently on the market, why our products can give you a flawless finish.

Furnished with a ingenious of features, this elegant cosmetic mirror is one of the best of lighted makeup mirrors. With a detachable Magnetic 5X Magnifying Mirror, it gives you two different magnification options; one side offers a true-size standard reflection, while the other side offers 5x magnification that illuminates all the nuances of makeup application.

When it comes to the light itself, this Lighted makeup mirror with 72 LEDS and 3 color lights is bright enough to cover all corners of your face and soft enough to protect your eyes from harsh fluorescent. It simulates sunlight’s full color spectrum so closely that when it’s on, it’s just like looking at yourself in the natural sunlight … And everyone knows, if you look good in the sunlight, you look good everywhere. In addition to the daylight temperature, you can also switch to a softer, warmer candlelight temperature if you’re doing your makeup for a night out. Lightly running a finger along the rim of the light allows you to dim and brighten the light output, so you can ensure your makeup is color-correct and appropriate for any and all occasions.

For those who want to learn makeup or like watching programs, this mirror, equipped with Phone stand as well as wireless charging, is your best choice.This ingenious design can free your hands and allow you to watch favorite makeup tutorials or show while applying makeup. And the wireless charging feature ensures that your phone is always fully charged when in use, no worry about your phone power.