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【1875W Pro DC Motor】Our salon hair dryer produces fast and constant temperature airflow to dry your hair in less time. The engine speed of Wizchark 1875W Max power is 20,000 rpm with only 80dB noise.

【Professional Styling Tool】The fast drying hair dryer offers 2 Heat Settings (0/1/2), and one Cool Shot Button settings for drying and styling flexibly: meeting different demands of all hair lengths or hair types, ideal hair styling tool which is suit for no matter men, women, the old or the young, so this mini hairdryer is the best choice for the family to use.

【Negative Ion Technology】This hair dryers for women with ionic technology form a protective film on the surface of each hair to prevent heat damage and add shine. The longer your use, the softer, healthier, and shinier your hair will be.

【Easy Styling Blow Dryer】Our ion hair dryer is equipped with 1concentrator and 1 diffuser to precisely meet the needs of all hairstyles. The concentrator nozzle is ideal for precision styling on straight, smooth hair. Diffuser designed to enhance your natural curl and texture.Warm Tips: Please do not touch the air nozzle during use to prevent burns.

【Safety Guaranteed】With overheat protection ensure the safety for you and your family, UL certified dryer, 125V 60HZ, ALCI safety plug. Worry-free 12 months Warranty and unconditional new replacement, Any problem or inquires, feel free to contact us.


The principle of negative ion hair dryer

Simply, a negative ion generator and a semiconductor refrigeration device are installed in the hair dryer. It will generate negative electricity, which can neutralize the positive charge of our hair itself. Friends who have studied physics know that positive and negative are Those that attract each other can neutralize each other, thus smoothing the messy hair, making it docile and smooth, and eliminating static electricity.


What is the function of negative ions?

We already know that it can neutralize the positive charge of the hair during the blow-drying process (if you use a comb or hand to comb the hair), that is, the hair that has been blown will be easily deformed, bent or warped because of the silence, but because of The neutralization of this negative ion makes it smoother and reduces the generation of mute.

All in all, the negative ion function can reduce static electricity, bring moisture into the hair core, effectively reduce the degree of hair damage, and achieve the effect of soft hair and moisturizing.

Blowing the plane is very important, and the way you wash your hair is also very important. We have the following important tips for you.


Tips of washing your hair correctly

Before washing your hair, use a comb to smooth out your hair and rinse your hair with clean water.

Use a small amount of shampoo and an appropriate amount of water, rub gently until foaming, then rinse off the foam slowly with water.

Do not grab the scalp hard, rub it gently with your palm, and wash your scalp more for oily hair.

Rinse the foam on the hair with warm water, the hot water is very harmful to the scalp and hair, which will cause the hair to lose moisture.

After washing the hair, apply the ointment or conditioner, and pay attention that the conditioner should also be cleaned within an appropriate time.


Steps of using Salon Ionic Hair Dryer

First wrap the hair with a towel to absorb some of the water, and layer the hair. First, put the upper layer of hair on the top of the head, blow dry the lower layer of hair, and then put the hair down to blow dry.

Blow dry from the root of the hair first, then slowly to the tip of the hair, do not blow dry the tip too much, it will damage the health of the hair.

When blowing your hair, you should blow it along, not against it. Blowing along can make the hair scales close, otherwise it will become more frizzy.

Use a hair dryer with ions and negative ions that can intelligently control temperature.

When blowing your hair, you should pay attention to maintaining the correct posture, and keep the distance between the air outlet and the hair more than 10 cm to prevent the hair from getting caught in the blower.

When blowing your hair, keep moving slowly at a constant speed, feel the degree of drying of your hair with your hands, and do not blow your hair too dry.

Be sure to choose the right shampoo according to the hair type.

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