Electric Hair Brush with Ionic Minerals EA21001

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ANTI-STATIC HAIR BRUSH-The Ionic Hair Brush goes to the root cause of messy hair, the unbalance between positive and negative ions in the hair and emits negative ions into your hair giving them back instantly the shine and smoothness they deserve.The negative ions are also a powerful split ends smoother since it will make the ends of the hair stay closer giving them a sharper look and feeling: say goodbye to split ends forever!

RELIEVE STRESS- Hair brush massage your scalp via 8500 VPM vibration and help you relieve itching, promote blood circulation, relieve stress, and stimulate hair growth.

PORTABLE BRUSH-The hair styling brush is charging via Type C cable. 3.5 hours charge could last for 10 hours of regular use. 350mAH lithium battery provides the flexibility and convenience to brush anywhere, anytime.

HOW TO USE-Massage hair brush performs better when hair is slightly wet. Note: Do not use directly after washing hair, please allow hair to dry sufficiently before using. Combing hair slowly from root to the ends.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- WIZCHARK provides 12 months warranty, and 24 hours friendly customer service to ensure a satisfying purchasing experience.

Product description

Tangled hair is a big problem, which may be more complicated than it looks. Do you know it is one of the main causes of hair loss? One of the most popular ways to untie hair is to use electric hair straightening brush. However, this method can be very messy and cause the hair to deteriorate gradually. After all, you are (sometimes) manipulating it hard and then heating it.

Our electric hair brush contains ionic minerals to make you look natural and straight and solve all your straight hair troubles. Our hair brush straightener provides excellent results and is very easy to use.

Tips for keeping hair healthy curling

Frequent use of curling irons can damage hair. Because high temperature will change the original molecular structure of hair, it is easy to make hair lose softness and luster. So when we use hair curlers everyday, what should we do to keep hair healthy?

Choose the right conditioner

Different hair types should choose different conditioners. For loose curly hair and oily hair, you can choose a mild and refreshing conditioner with moisturizing effect. If the curly hair is fine and dry, it is suitable to use a more moisturizing conditioner. If hair is seriously damaged, you need to choose a special conditioner for damaged hair.

Use hair essential oil

Essential oil with high nutritional content can provide targeted repair and nourishment for perm and hair dyeing. After washing the hair, blow the hair to a semi dry state, then apply the essential oil evenly on the hair tips, and finally blow the hair completely with the hair dryer. It is best to choose an ion blower to protect your hair.

Choose high-quality electric hair straightening brush

If you need to use hair straightener brush or curling irons often, you must choose ionic one made of materials that do the least harm to your hair. Cheap curling irons and straighteners are usually made of unevenly heated metal, so it is easy to burn hair. The ceramic curling iron heats quickly and evenly, so the possibility of scalding hair is greatly reduced. Ion curling irons can also produce negative ions to help smooth the cuticle and increase luster. Therefore, it is recommended to choose ceramic electric hair tools.

The temperature of hair dryer should not be too high

Many people are used to washing hair with an ionic hair dryer to speed up the drying of hair, but you should not blow your hair with high temperature, otherwise it will cause hair to be particularly curly and affect the curly shape of hair.

Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins

If the body lacks vitamins, it will cause hair to lose luster, especially after perm. For example, vitamin B can promote the growth of hair and give hair natural luster. Vitamin C can activate the capillary wall, so that hair can smoothly absorb nutrients from the blood. So usually eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. Among them, spinach, celery, banana, mango, leek, etc. They can not only restore health and luster after perm, hair can also be used for beauty and skin care.



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