#AA0002 Power Bank with Phone Stand
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    5V/1A, 2A
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    5V/1A, 2A
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Product Information
Output Interface: Micro USB
Function: Quick Charge Support
Input Interface: Micro USB
Type: Fast Charging,High Capacity
protection: over-voltage protection,over-current protection,etc
Keywords: Portable Power Bank
Certification: CE ROHS FCC MSDS
Material: ABS+PC

Precautions on 5000Mah High Capacity Power Bank With Phone Stand

1. The output voltage range of the mobile power supply. Although some devices have a USB interface, you also need to use a mobile power supply for power supply. However, you should pay attention to the input voltage range of your device. The voltage output range of a common mobile power supply is 5.0±0.5v. If the input voltage range required by your device is not within the range of the mobile power supply, then it is recommended that you do not use the mobile power supply to power your device to ensure the service life of your mobile power supply.


5000Mah High Capacity Power Bank


  2. The USB connector must match the device, because the devices corresponding to various USB data cables are different. Therefore, in order to use the mobile power supply to power your device normally, please use the matching USB data interface.

  3. The environment for the mobile power supply, all kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry environment with low air humidity. The high humidity environment is not good for the storage of all kinds of electrical appliances. Therefore, for the service life of your mobile power supply, please try to put the mobile power supply in a dry environment.

  4. Use your power bank frequently. The mobile power supply is charged and discharged once a month, and regular use can maximize the service life of the mobile power supply.

   5. Anti-fall and anti-vibration. The mobile power supply is actually a fragile component, and the internal components cannot withstand beatings. Especially to prevent accidental landing during use. Do not throw, knock or shake the power bank. Crude treatment of the mobile power supply will destroy the internal circuit board.


5000Mah High Capacity Power Bank With Phone Stand


   6. Anti-cold and anti-heat. Do not place the mobile power supply in a place where the temperature is too high. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy mobile power supplies, and deform or melt some plastic parts. Do not store the mobile power supply in a cold place. When the mobile power supply is working in a cold environment, when the internal temperature rises, moisture will form in the mobile power supply and damage the circuit board.

  7. Anti-potent chemicals. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the mobile power supply. To remove the stains on the appearance of the mobile power supply, wipe it with cotton and a small amount of absolute alcohol.


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To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
Selling Units: Single item


What is a power bank exactly?

A power bank, also known as a portable charger or external battery pack, is a compact, portable apparatus that stores electrical energy and allows you to charge various devices on the go whenever you don’t have access to a standard power source like a wall outlet, car charger etc.
Power banks usually require several hours to charge to full capacity, but once they’re fully charged they’ll store that reserve of energy for whenever you need it to revitalize one of your dead devices.



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  • Automated Factory. We are manufacturing and trading combo,which can provide stable quality products and offer complete after-sales service system.
  • 12 Months Warranty. We take reponsibility to all quality problems(not man made damage) with our products for 12 months.
  • Product defect rate <1%. All products are screen- printed, fim-coated and packaged after QC inspections.
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Ningbo Leader import and Export Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Cai Yongyue in Ningbo, China in 1993. It has been deeply engaged in the field of international trade for more than 20 years, and has set up cross-border e-commerce retail business and overseas warehouse business in the world in 2018.
1:Ningbo Leader import and Export Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Cai Yongyue in Ningbo, China in 1993. It has been deeply engaged in the field of international trade for more than 20 years, and has set up cross-border e-commerce retail business and overseas warehouse business in the world in 2018. The company's business involves product development and design, production and transportation, warehousing and logistics, multi-platform sales, and is driven by innovative Internet technology. The company has always attached great importance to product research and development. The company has two product R &amp; D bases in Ningbo and Shenzhen, and invests a lot of money and manpower every year for new product development and technology process optimization. The company's developing mode mainly focuses on independent R &amp; D and independent innovation. According to the characteristics of each product line and intelligent warehouse logistics system, the company carries out scientific and systematic layout and targeted R &amp; D work. At present, the company has begun to invest in North America, Western Europe and other regions to establish "overseas warehouses". At the same time, the company has also founded overseas factories in Laos, Asia. We have rich factory experience, procurement resources and relatively low cost advantages to cope with the current complex: international economic situations;

2:Since its beginning, the company has taken "providing high cost-effective products and services for global consumers" as its mission. Through a strong supply chain, big data and international talents, as well as the continuous improvement of independent research and development ability, the company has actively developed products that meet the needs of consumers in different regions, and provided consumers with appropriate, convenient and efficient high-quality services. At present, leader products cover more than ten categories, such as electronic consumer goods, personal care products, and traditional gifts such as toys, tools, clothing, bags, etc. These products are sold online through well-known international gift companies, and the famous foreign third-party e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) ,self-supporting independent stations. The product markets cover North America, Europe, Australia and East Asia. In addition to the online platform, leaders also laying out offline experience stores based on the needs of the local market, connecting terminals by building more abundant consumption scenarios.

3:Leaderis committed to becoming a "global product and supply chain integration expert". Relying on the professional IT research team, the company has opened up all aspects of product design, production, shipment, customs declaration, storage, sales, distribution and after-sales. On this basis, leader continues the transformation and upgrading of digitization and intelligence, we integrates data and entity trade, and we realizes the aggregation of various information flows, such as product flow, logistics, document flow and capital flow.

4:Leaderpeople always adhere to the value concept of "honesty and integrity, innovation, hard work, and continuous self-improvement". The company actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility and makes continuous contributions to the society in terms of promoting employment, improving trade efficiency, driving cost-effective consumption and helping the needy.

 At last, Leader international actively promotes trade without borders, new retail experience and the realization of social value of fairness and justice.   



Q1. What type of company are you?
A1.We are a manufacturer of mobile phones&tablet PCS accessories.

Q2. Can I ask for samples before placing an order?
A2: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q3. How do you ship my cargoes and how long does it take to deliver?
A3: We usually ship your cargoes by express. And it usually takes 1-3 days if you buy our regular products with regular QTY. If you buy the customized products, it needs 7-10 days. Please be patient, we will track the latest delivery information and inform you.

Q4.Can we make customized color?
A4: Yes,we can make any color according to the Pantone Color Number.

Q5. What is the warranty of your products?
A5: We offer the warranty of 12 months for all products.


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