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Three aspects to choose a hair curler


First of all, it is important to play close attention to the heat settings of a curling iron and make sure the ranges are compatible with your hair type.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that is fine or damage hair types need lower temperature settings, while very coarse or curly hair types will need an iron that can reach higher temperatures. But if your hair is both curly and damaged or fine, you may still want to go for a lower setting.

And no matter the temperature set low or high, always apply a heat protetant beforehand.

Plate material

The second aspect need to considerate is plate material.

We recommend titanium and tourmaline irons because they tend to be hotter, distribute heat evenly, fight frizz more easily, and last longer.Those types of irons are best for people whose hair is curly or coarse or doesn’t hold a curl easily.

And those with fine or damaged hair or who have hair that does hold a curl easily should get a ceramic curling iron since they can be less damaging.

Barrel size

Last but not least, you should take the size of the barrel into consideration. Hair length is also an important factor in selecting your barrel size. Larger barrels are better for longer hair, while those with short styles will want to opt for a smaller one.

Here we share a general rule with you: The larger the diameter of the barrel, the looser the ringlets, while smaller barrels will produce tighter and smaller curls.