Wireless Charger Development Trend

April 06,2022

With the increasing demand in the mobile phone market, various wireless chargers have sprung up.


Wireless charger brand manufacturers believe that the current main differentiation of mobile phone wireless charger products is the appearance and multi-device charging. There are many types of wireless chargers, but overall, the future wireless chargers for mobile phones mainly show the following three development trends.


Do You Need Wireless Charger?


Difference in Appearance


Since it takes time for each generation to change, manufacturers use the appearance of the charger to achieve product differentiation goals, such as changes in color, material (plastic or wood), and anti-skid coefficient. In addition, there are more and more vertical chargers, giving users a better use situation when charging.


Simultaneous Charging of Multiple Devices


Since Apple released AirPower in 2017 to support simultaneous charging of multiple devices, it has driven related manufacturers to develop in this direction. Many wireless charger manufacturers are developing multi-device chargers, hoping to find a place in this highly competitive industry.


Wireless charger brand manufacturers believe that the future wireless charging solution will be a high degree of freedom, high efficiency, and high compatibility. It not only supports free charging at any position on any plane but also adopts a new architecture to increase the charging area in the case of a single coil and improve the charging efficiency.


Moreover, in the future, wireless charging devices will not only be able to charge mobile phones, but also be compatible with a variety of low-power electronic devices such as wristbands and watches.


At Last


The above is the future development trend of the wireless charger industry. If you want to know more industry-related information, you can follow our official website.