Will the Wireless Power Bank Harm the Mobile Phone Battery

March 08,2022

The continuous update of mobile phones has gradually upgraded its subsidiary products. The advent of wireless power banks has amazed some electronic fanatics. Without the hassle of cables, it can be charged anytime and anywhere, as long as the phone is placed on it. So, how does the wireless power bank work? Is it harmful to mobile phone batteries?


How does wireless power bank work?


wireless power bank


Generally speaking, the current wireless charging is generally classified into three categories, magnetic field resonance, electromagnetic induction and radio waves. Among them, the principle of electromagnetic induction is widely used. Compared with the other two wireless charging methods, electromagnetic induction technology is more mature, and the charging efficiency is higher than other methods. Secondly, its implementation structure is simpler and more stable. Therefore, the electromagnetic induction type is currently used on our mobile phones.


First of all, there are two coils on the charging board and the mobile phone. When the coil of the charging board is connected to the power supply, AC power is applied to the lower coil to generate a constantly changing magnetic field. When we put the mobile phone on the charging board, the coil on the back cover of the mobile phone will sense the change of the magnetic field, it  will induce a current, and then convert the current into direct current to charge the battery of our mobile phone, thus realizing wireless charging.


So, is the wireless power bank harmful to the mobile phone battery?


The wireless power bank does not harm the mobile phone. Wireless chargers use electromagnetic induction technology, which transfers energy by using a magnetic field generated between coils, which couples current from the charging pad to the phone's battery. For the battery, its charging process is no different from a normal wired charger.


In addition, this system of wireless charging technology can be widely used in the future, such as charging areas for electric vehicles and power transmission for computer chips. The charging time required by the charging system developed with this technology is only one hundred and fifty-fifth of the current one.


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