Why do you need to Buy a Laptop Stand?

June 01,2022

In the past, due to the development of technology, notebook computers generally had poor heat dissipation capacity and reduced frequency of whole machine heating, that is, power consumption limited the performance.


laptop stand


However, due to the performance degradation caused by the frequency reduction, and the heating affects the service life and actual user experience of the notebook (such as the hot keyboard), people who love personal notebooks generally use the radiator. Its purpose is to enhance the cooling capacity of the computer.


Now, many manufacturers have further improved their process and design, from single heat pipe to double heat pipe, from single fan to double fan.


The performance release of the lightweight notebook has also been improved from 15W to 42W.


Due to the improvement of the heat dissipation capacity of the light and thin book, the traditional radiator with its USB Fan is slowly being eliminated due to its huge volume.


Advantages of laptop stand


Compared with the radiator, the notebook bracket has greater advantages in the following aspects:


Weight: the laptop bracket removes the redundant fan and USB interface cable.


Light and thin: because the fan is removed, the volume of the entire support is compressed.


Portability: the above weight is reduced and the volume becomes smaller so that some excellent supports can be folded into a plane.


Summarize the benefits of using a laptop stand


  1. Adjust the angle of view according to the sitting posture at any time, keep the parallel angle of view, and look more comfortable.


  1. Because it is convenient to adjust the sitting posture, it is beneficial to protect the cervical spine, rather than always stooping the neck.


  1. Increase the intake air volume of the notebook to enhance the heat dissipation capacity, which is conducive to heat dissipation in summer, and the performance release is better and more stable.


  1. If your notebook is an old single fan and single heat pipe machine, it is recommended that you choose the "bracket with fan" for better effect.
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