What's the significance of wireless charging?

September 22,2021

What is wireless charging technology?


Wireless charging technology is a technology that uses magnets to charge devices without the help of wires. Wireless charging technology originates from wireless power transmission technology, which uses magnetic resonance to transfer electric charge in the air between the charger and the device, while coils and capacitors form resonance between the charger and the device to achieve efficient transmission of electric energy.


Wireless charging technology adopts a unified industrial standard. In the next few years, mobile phones, PMP/MP3 players, digital devices, mobile devices and other products can use the same wireless charger with new low energy consumption and high compatibility. This charger is similar to a tray that is directly plugged into the power supply, and the mobile phones of different brands with the "Qi" logo that have been certified by the alliance can be directly placed on it to complete the charging.



Pros and cons of wireless charging




1. The use of wireless chargers does not require frequent plugging and unplugging of wires, so there will be no safety hazards caused by loose plugs and poor contact.


2. The wireless charger is more convenient to use. The mobile phone, tablet, and electronic watch can be charged when you put it down. A wireless charger is provided in your backpack or office, and you don't need to bring a charging cable when you go out in the future.


3. The application of wireless charging technology to industrial robots can save costs for enterprises. For example, wireless charging AGV guided transport vehicles can work uninterrupted 24 hours a day. Now some sweeping robots are also applying this technology.




1. Low efficiency: The efficiency of energy storage and delivery is lower than that of real contact.


2. High cost: The charger needs to have an electronic circuit to drive the wireless coil, while the electrical device needs to have an electronic device for power exchange. Both also need to have a wireless coil, so the cost is higher than direct contact.


3. Slow charging speed: Due to low efficiency, the charging speed is slower under the same input power.



Significance of wireless charging


Wireless charging technology is convenient and easy to use, and it breaks the limitation of space, so users can use one transmitter to charge multiple devices at the same time, and there is no special requirement for the location of the charging device.


For the entire technology industry, retail industry, service providers and consumers, wireless charging technology is of great significance. Wireless charging stations will soon appear in cafes, airports, restaurants, movie theaters and other public places. Consumers can charge their devices almost anytime and anywhere. Retailers and service providers can even use wireless charging to promote value-added services and provide personalized services in mobile users’ favorite stores, airports and other places.


There is no doubt that all smartphone users will think that wireless charging is a cool feature. But in the world of the Internet of Things, consumers will have dozens of connected devices at the same time, which is definitely a very important technology.


As the entire industry continues to work on unifying standards and end-to-end wireless charging solutions, wireless charging technology will slowly enter the mainstream market, which will push the connected world to its full potential.



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