What is an ac adapter for switch

April 13,2021


What is AC adapter


AC adapter, namely AC power adapter, also known as alternating current power adapter, AC is the abbreviation of Alternating Current, which means alternating current. Since the mains voltage is generally 220V alternating current, and many electrical equipment need 5V, 12V or 24V direct current, an AC adapter is needed to convert the 220V alternating current voltage to the normal working direct current mode of electrical equipment.


Generally speaking, the universal AC adapter input voltage is in the range of 100-240V. According to the standards of different countries and regions, there are various specifications of AC adapters such as national standards, Japanese regulations, American regulations, British regulations, and Australian regulations.


Power adapters are commonly found in small electronic products such as mobile phones, LCD monitors, and notebook computers. Although they are called power adapters, they cannot be used interchangeably. Mobile phones can only be used with mobile phones, and laptops can only be used with notebooks (and different notebook manufacturers have different voltages and interfaces, and they cannot be used universally).


The mobile phone power adapter we usually use (called "mobile phone charger") has an output voltage of 5V and a current of 1A or 2A. It is essentially a switching power supply, and the real charging protection circuit of the mobile phone is built into the mobile phone. The mobile phone power adapter It only provides a voltage, so the mobile phone charger can charge different mobile phones.


what is an ac adapter for switch


What are the differences between AC adapter and DC adapter?


Corresponding to AC adapter is DC adapter, which is also a kind of power adapter. DC stands for Direct Current, which means direct current. What is the difference between power adapter AC and DC?


1. Meaning

First of all, the abbreviations of the two are different. AC is the English abbreviation for AC power, and DC is the English abbreviation for DC power.


2. Specifications

DC refers to the direct current power supply. Generally, there are several common voltages such as 3V, 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 24V, etc. The AC output voltage generally has various specifications such as 120V, 220V, and 240V.


3. Current direction

There are two directions for alternating current to flow out and then back, and the magnitude is constantly changing (the law of lighting electricity change is sinusoidal). Frequency can be used to indicate how fast the direction of the alternating current changes, and phase can be used to indicate the start time of AC transmission. Direct current has only one direction, and current can only flow from positive to negative.


4. Purpose

Our common led lights, motors, etc. use alternating current; direct current is mainly used in various electronic instruments, electrolysis, electroplating, direct current power driving, etc.


What is the use of AC power adapter?

Simply put, it is a voltage converter, whose main function is to convert the input AC power into DC power. The power supply required for the normal operation of the equipment we use daily is generally a DC power supply, and the commercial power standard we use is AC 220V 50Hz, so we need a DC power supply voltage conversion that can convert the AC 220V city power into the normal operation of the equipment. Device.

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Take the computer as an example. Laptops need an external AC power supply (adapter), and desktop computers also need an AC power supply (adapter), but it is built into the chassis. Chargers for mobile phones, tablet pc, etc. are also a type of AC power supply (adapter).


what is an ac adapter for switch


There are many AC adapter suppliers online, if you have the idea buing an AC adapter, please make the decision after shopping around.