Laptop Bracket Classification

July 05,2022

  1. Inclined support


Features: raise the back of the computer, making the notebook keyboard tilt forward, and at the same time, raising the computer screen.


Advantages: generally, they are portable and easy to carry.


Disadvantages: limited adjustment height.




  1. Fixed height lifting bracket


Features: the general characteristics of this kind of support are: the placement surface is inclined, the height cannot be adjusted, or the adjustment range is limited.


Advantages: relatively stable, applicable to a wide range of computers, and all notebooks can be used.


Disadvantages: it is generally fixed for use, which is not conducive to carrying (a small part can also be carried).


This kind of bracket is recommended to be used with the keyboard. Even if the shelf is stable, it is not sour to lift your hand so high all the time.


  1. Stepless height adjustment bracket


Features: the core component of this kind of support is the damping shaft. This component must be of good quality before it is reliable. A bad damping shaft may not work well after a period of time, which will reduce the bearing capacity of the support. So when choosing this kind of bracket, try to choose a reliable brand.


Advantages: the adjustment range is very wide, and basically anyone can find a suitable angle and height.


Disadvantages: disadvantages are expensive.


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