How to Use the Soap Dispenser Correctly

April 15,2022

After buying a soap dispenser, many people just use it as an automatic hand sanitizer bottle. Don't look at the soap dispenser as a simple product that automatically and doses hand sanitizer. In fact, in the process of using the soap dispenser, there are still many things to pay attention to. What are the precautions?


soap dispenser


How to use the soap dispenser correctly?


  1. When using the soap dispenser for the first time, first add water to drain the vacuum inside, and then add the soap solution. In addition, when using the soap dispenser for the first time, the inner bottle and pump head may contain some water. , If you have this problem when you use it for the first time, don't worry, because this is not a quality problem of the product, but is left over from the inspection before the product leaves the factory. Of course not necessarily, it is possible.


  1. If the soap in the soap dispenser is too thick, it may make the soap dispenser out of liquid, so in order to dilute the soap, you can add a little water to the soap bottle of the soap dispenser and stir it. You can bleed.


  1. The dust and impurities in the soap will block the liquid outlet, so if you notice that the soap in the soap bottle of the soap dispenser has deteriorated, you should change the soap in time to avoid clogging the soap. Trouble with the liquid outlet.


  1. If the soap dispenser has been idle for a period of time, some soap may condense. At this time, the following methods can be used to solve the problem. If the amount of soap is small, it can be stirred with warm water. This will make the soap It is reduced to liquid. If the above method is not feasible, remove the condensed soap liquid, add warm water, and use the soap dispenser several times until the warm water drains from the soap dispenser, which is to clean the entire soap dispenser. Then re-add the soap and you can use it.


Last few words


The above is the correct use of the soap dispenser, some of which are instructions on how to solve the problem when the soap dispenser does not produce liquid. If consumers encounter the problem of no fluid, they can also solve it like the solutions provided in the article.