How to Choose a Mobile Phone Holder?

March 21,2022

To facilitate the timely processing of mobile phone information or the use of mobile phone navigation, we will choose to install mobile phone support. In addition to meeting the placement function, different vehicle mobile phone supports should also take into account the problems of "installation", "line of sight" and so on, resulting in various vehicle mobile phone supports.


Today, let's talk about three different mobile phone brackets.


mobile phone holder


Suction cup type mobile phone bracket


Installation method of suction cup type mobile phone support: the suction cup installed at the end fixes the mobile phone support, and the clip is used at the other end to fix the mobile phone.


The suction cup-type mobile phone bracket is generally fixed on the front windshield so that the driver can easily observe the mobile phone screen. However, the stability of the suction cup is not high, and the mobile phone bracket may shake off when the car is bumpy. The excessive volume will also block the line of sight on the front windshield.


Magnetic suction mobile phone bracket


"Magnetic suction" refers to fixing the mobile phone through magnetic force, and the mobile phone support is fixed on the center console through back glue.


The magnetic suction mobile phone bracket is small and fixed on the center console, which will not affect the driving line of sight; There will be a metal coating on the surface, which will be very bright in the car.


However, the back glue is easy to age and lose viscosity, and it is easy to fall when the car is bumpy. Magnetic adsorption may cause the failure of electronic components of mobile phones or center consoles.


Clip-on mobile phone bracket


The clip-type mobile phone bracket is generally clamped at the air outlet of the vehicle air conditioner, and the mobile phone is also fixed with adjustable clips.


Compared with the suction cup and back glue, the stability of the mobile phone bracket clamped at the air outlet will be better. Placed at the air outlet, it will not affect the driver's line of sight or the integrity of the center console, making the interior more beautiful.


However, the position of the clip-on mobile phone bracket is relatively low, so it is not very convenient to watch. At the same time, it will also block the air outlet, which will be more uncomfortable when the vehicle air conditioner needs to be used in summer.


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