How To Use Wireless Charger?

January 04,2022

Ensure that your mobile phone supports wireless charging, and connect the wireless charging board with the charging head through the data cable. Generally, it only needs to be more than 10W; Put the mobile phone on the charging board. Generally, the coil is located near the camera. After successful charging, the mobile phone will be prompted. The following is a detailed introduction:


wireless charger


👉Step 1

First of all, you need to ensure that your mobile phone supports wireless charging, because wireless charging requires the hardware support of the built-in wireless induction coil of the mobile phone.

👉Step 2

Connect the wireless charging board to the data line to the charger, and the general mobile phone charger can; Generally, the charging board after power connection will have a light prompt, and then put the mobile phone on the charging board.

👉Step 3

The wireless coil positions of different mobile phones are different, and they are usually near the lens position. You can try to find the wireless charging position in a circle. After charging, the mobile phone will display the charging prompt on the bright screen.

👉Step 4

It should be noted that wireless charging is not a long-distance charging method, and it still needs the mobile phone to be charged close to the charging board.

👉Step 5

Wireless chargers use radio waves to transmit. Radio waves are not only electromagnetic waves, but also can transmit energy and penetrate the air, thus making wireless power transmission possible.


👉Step 6

In the choice of chargers, since most Qi charging mobile phones currently support wireless charging of up to 10W, they can be equipped with charging heads supporting more than 10W;


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