Future Trends of Wireless Chargers

June 16,2022

Since the iPhone 8 launched the wireless charging function, I believe everyone is no stranger to wireless charging. The principle of wireless charging is actually familiar to everyone, mainly based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Through near-field induction, the wireless charging device conducts energy to the end device. The terminal device then converts the received energy into electricity and charges it into the battery. The most widely used wireless charging is mobile phones, so most people should want to know its charging efficiency and safety.


Wireless Chargers


The benefits of wireless charging


At present, almost all Apple products support wireless charging, and the popularity of iPhone wireless charging will reduce the use of cables. Wear and tear on the cables will be reduced to almost zero. Just plug the wireless charger into a power source, users no longer need to plug and unplug the phone frequently, reducing the wear and tear between the charging cable and the interface.


The downside of wireless charging


Compared with wired charging, the current wireless charging still has a certain gap in charging speed, mainly because the iPhone supports a maximum power of 7.5W, so the charging speed is not fast, and the high-end models of domestic mobile phones Xiaomi and Huawei are all It supports 25W and 40W, and the charging speed is still quite fast. I believe that the charging speed will be greatly improved in the near future.

It's really a convenient way to charge - we just put our phone on the wireless charging cradle and we can charge it. This is not only the most suitable charging method for lithium batteries, but also makes full use of the time when the screen is broken. With the gradual increase of charging power, it may become the most commonly used charging method in our daily life in the future.


Does wireless charging reduce battery life, the answer is no


Many people think that wireless charging will damage the battery, but this is a misunderstanding. Mobile phones that support wireless charging have a coil on the back of the phone to receive magnetic field energy, and the magnetic field energy generated by the coil is transmitted to the battery without causing additional damage to the battery. However, the battery itself is a consumable. Whether it is wireless charging or wire charging, the battery has its charging and discharging life, and various mobile phone manufacturers are also rushing to popularize this mature technology, which also shows that wireless charging is safe and effective. .


Future usage scenarios of wireless charging


At present, the wireless charging market is mixed, and the materials are glass, plastic, leather, etc. Our wireless chargers are made of marble combined with metal, which is full of technology! And it is not easy to get fingerprints, and the heat dissipation effect is better. The future application scenarios of wireless charging will be more suitable for rooms, offices, and public places, especially public places such as meals and parties. At the same time, charging is also to prevent people from playing mobile phones while charging, and to integrate more into everyone's communication and exchange.