Does Your Outdoor Portable Power Bank Have These Essential Functions?

March 26,2021

Although outdoor portable mobile power supplies provide us with a lot of convenience, these protection functions are necessary for this type of lithium battery products. With these necessary functions, we can avoid accidents in use. Does your outdoor portable power bank have these necessary functions?

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outdoor portable power bank


1. The portability of the power supply

As an outdoor portable power supply, it can provide the same high-quality power supply as the mains when there is no mains supply in the field. It needs to fully consider the characteristics of portability. The specific presentation form is: small size, light weight, handle or storage The device is easy to carry and so on.


2. Protection function of outdoor portable power bank


Overvoltage protection

When the current voltage of the built-in lithium battery pack is higher than the nominal maximum voltage, the power supply should cut off the output.


Short-circuit protection

When an accidental short-circuit occurs in external electrical equipment, the power supply needs to immediately activate the short-circuit protection function to cut off the output to ensure safety. 


Undervoltage protection

When the current voltage of the built-in lithium battery pack is lower than the standard discharge threshold of the lithium ion battery, the power supply should cut off the output.


High temperature protection

When the power supply detects that the internal temperature is too high, it should immediately cut off the output and start the fan for forced heat dissipation.


Over-current protection

When the power supply detects an abnormal increase in output current, the power supply should be protected to cut off the output.


Overload protection

When the power of the external load is greater than the rated power of the power supply, the power supply should remind and protect it. 


3. Protection performance


A high-quality portable power supply should have good protection performance, including testing the quality of the product through experiments such as waterproof and dustproof, drop, vibration, high temperature, high humidity, and high altitude.


4. The reliability of the battery



As the main body of energy storage for outdoor portable power supplies, lithium batteries can be called the "heart" of portable power supplies. The use of high-quality lithium batteries can not only provide you with a safer use process, but also make your portable power supply longer Longer life, lighter weight, higher reliability.


These are the essential functions of outdoor portable power bank, which can ensure your outdoor activities more smoothly.


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