All you Need to Know about The Wireless Charger

December 10,2021

Whether it’s the summer when the mini cooler fan is used or the winter when there is a heater inside, our mobile phones will run out of electricity due to long-term use. Now there are two ways to charge our mobile phones, one is wireless charging, the other is a wired charger, what is the difference between them?


If you haven't tried a wireless charger, you will learn about its benefits by reading this article, and they are harmless and as fast as wired.


Not much to say, let's move on to the topic now.


AB0028 Wireless Charger


Wireless VS wired

Charging method

Firstly, the wireless charger loads the mobile phone into the charging protective case.


Secondly, places the protective cover on the induction base, then connect the induction base to the power plug.


Finally, it’s time to plug into the power source.


Connect peripherals

The cellphone is hooked up to peripherals in the wireless billing method, one is actually to secure the smartphone loaded into the charging protective instance, the various other is actually to attach the Mini USB, as well as eventually the Mini USB to connect the peripherals. When the cellular phone is asked for on the electrical power adapter, merely remove the USB coming from the adapter as well as connect the peripherals.



When the phone is being charged and a call is coming in, you only need to pick up the charging case to answer the call, and you can even go to any place that is convenient for you. While the wired charger needs to be unplugged before answering, which is not very convenient.


Charging efficiency

Under the same charging time, the commonly used wired battery charger has a power of 93% after charging, while the wireless charger has a power of 88% after charging.


These questions frequently asked

Does the wireless charger hurt the phone?

No. The wireless charger does not damage the cellphone because its operating regularity is below 1M, so it will not have an impact on the signal of the smartphone. Plus, the mobile phones company acquired all comply with the QI cordless charging requirement, as well as have a built-in cordless recipient, which has a measured voltage as well as existing, so the wireless wall charger possesses no impact on the cellular phone.


Does wireless charger affect battery life?

No, cordless asking for will not deteriorate electric battery functionality a lot faster. It's primarily the like wired demanding, however, the cost is lower, and, the wireless battery charger's electrical power transformation cost is still much higher, which saves much more power. Wireless charging is based upon the concept of electromagnetic induction, which is combined with a roll to accomplish power transactions. Cellular phone wireless billing technology is a form of a circuit that is exchanged a billing circuit with an energy control element with a transmitting circuit.


Does the wireless charger have radiation?

Any sort of electromagnetic field will definitely carry a certain volume of electromagnetic field radiation, the essential hinge on the stamina of the magnetic field strength and also the difference in the magnetic field strength induction range, which produces the toughness of the radiation. The radiation of the cordless battery charger is little, but our team can not judge the life of some bad products on the marketplace.


A few final words

I hope this article will give you a more comprehensive understanding of wireless chargers. If you want to make yourself happy in this convenient way, why not try it?


If you are torn between them, come on, you are wasting your time. They are affordable, and the convenience it brings to you is long-term. There is nothing like practicing and understanding things.