A guideline on how to choose wireless charger

September 18,2021




With the continuous improvement of requirements for power supply quality, safety, convenience, and immediacy of electrical equipment, contact-type power transmission methods are becoming less and less able to meet actual needs. The wireless charger comes out on demand.


How does the wireless charger work


A wireless charger is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction for charging. Its principle is similar to that of a transformer. By placing a coil at the transmitting and receiving ends, the transmitting end coil sends an electromagnetic signal to the outside under the action of electric power, and the receiving end coil receives the electromagnetic signal. Signal and convert electromagnetic signal into electric current, so as to achieve the purpose of wireless charging. Wireless charging technology is a special way of power supply. It does not require a power cord, relies on electromagnetic wave propagation, and then converts electromagnetic wave energy into electrical energy, and finally realizes wireless charging.


4 things to consider when buying a wireless charger cable


Seek for QI certification


There are currently two major international mainstream industry standards for wireless charging. One is the QI standard of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), a charging protocol led by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), with 300 members worldwide. One is the AirFuel Alliance, which has 195 members worldwide. These two standards have unified regulations on the performance, technical parameters, compatibility, and safety of wireless charging products, and have strict certification standards.


At present, the QI standard is relatively mature, and it is also an industry-recognized and common protocol specification. When purchasing a wireless charger, first check whether the product has passed the QI certification mark. Generally speaking, the quality of QI-certified products is relatively reliable.


But also pay attention, because there are so many QI wireless charging points on the market, you need to choose carefully.


Seek for professional brands


The principle of the wireless charger is seemingly simple, but the performance is not the same. There are not only differences in charging efficiency, charging speed, and charging temperature, but also performance differences in induction sensitivity, stability, safety, durability, overvoltage protection, and foreign body detection. Most of the low-priced charging cables are more damaging to mobile phones, and even have certain safety hazards.




There will be a certain amount of power loss during wireless charging. The conversion of this part of power into heat will keep the phone and wireless charger warm. A high-quality wireless charger can control the temperature below 40°C. If it feels warm to the touch, it belongs to the normal range. . And it has a temperature control function, which automatically cuts off the power when the temperature is too high.


However, the working temperature of some low-cost and low-quality products can rise to above 60°C, and long-term use without a smart temperature control unit will damage the mobile phone, and there are potential safety hazards.


Protection methods


A good wireless charger should have functions such as foreign body detection, temperature protection, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection. The foreign body detection function can prevent electromagnetic overheating caused by metal objects. The temperature protection can automatically cut off the power when the temperature is too high.


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