A Guide to Mini Fans

September 18,2021

A portable fan can bring us a lot of convenience when it comes to creating a better and cooler atmosphere for both living and working in. Some fans are small and portable which can be placed on a desktop while other fans are so big with a much stronger wind that they require a larger space. There are many different types of portable fan for sale, and they have their own specific or recommended uses with lovely appearances.


mini desk fans


Mini Desk Fans


Have you ever experienced a hot summer while working or study on a place without air conditioner or fans? A desk fan would help. There are so many benefits of a mini desk fan.




The most important advantage of this product is that it is easy for people to carry this mini fan in their backpacks. Can you imagine to carry your home stand fan outdoor? It must so funny.


Cool free


Sometimes fans hanging on ceilling can’t meet your needs, if you have a desk fan you can choose to open it or turn it off. Besides there are usually three wind speed for you to select.


Mini handheld fans


These fans are similar to mini desk fans, but they are usually powered by lithium battery rather than most desk mini fans requiring usb cable to charge. So it convenient for you to enjoy a cool breeze blowing outdoor in a hot summer day.


However everything has their pros and cons. Mini handheld fans have so many advantages as well as their shortages. That is low battery capacity, difficult to stay working all day. Therefore if you want to carry your handheld fans outside, you had better take your outdoor portable power bank or wireless charging power bank together.


There are also so many merchants to try their best to solve this problem. Ningbo Leader import and Export Co., Ltd. launched mini desk fans and mini handheld fans with 1200mAh battery capacity which could keep working 8 hours. Besides you can also customize the appearance of the mini desk fans or handheld fans in bulk. We could provide 100000 piece per month. If you are still worried about power off, we could also provide outdoor portable power bank and wireless charging power bank for you to further ensure your electric equipments working normally.


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