Some Differences Between An AC Adapter and A DC Adapter

May 19,2022

AC adapter, also known as AC power adapter. Since the mains voltage is generally 220V AC, and many electrical equipment needs to use 5V, 12V or 24V DC, an AC adapter is required to convert the 220V AC voltage to the DC mode for normal operation of electrical equipment.


Advantages of Mobile Phone Holder

May 05,2022

Do you usually use mobile phone brackets? Do you sometimes dislike its trouble and don't use it? Next, let's talk about the advantages of the mobile phone bracket.


How to Use the Soap Dispenser Correctly

April 15,2022

After buying a soap dispenser, many people just use it as an automatic hand sanitizer bottle. Don't look at the soap dispenser as a simple product that automatically and doses hand sanitizer. In fact, in the process of using the soap dispenser, there are still many things to pay attention to. What are the precautions?


How to Choose a Mobile Phone Holder?

March 21,2022

To facilitate the timely processing of mobile phone information or the use of mobile phone navigation, we will choose to install mobile phone support. In addition to meeting the placement function, different vehicle mobile phone supports should also take into account the problems of "installation", "line of sight" and so on, resulting in various vehicle mobile phone supports.


Will the Wireless Power Bank Harm the Mobile Phone Battery

March 08,2022

The continuous update of mobile phones has gradually upgraded its subsidiary products. The advent of wireless power banks has amazed some electronic fanatics. Without the hassle of cables, it can be charged anytime and anywhere, as long as the phone is placed on it. So, how does the wireless power bank work? Is it harmful to mobile phone batteries?


Which Mobile Phone Holder is Best for Indoor Use

February 21,2022

The mobile phone holder helps us reduce the trouble of placing the mobile phone on the surface. We all like to watch TV shows while eating. At this time, the mobile phone holder helps us a lot. But there are many types of mobile phone stands, which one is more suitable?


How To Use Wireless Charger?

January 04,2022

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All you Need to Know about The Wireless Charger

December 10,2021

Reading this article will help you understand the wireless charger and some of its related issues, and how it differs from traditional chargers.